Remodeling My Home: How I Saved Thousands of Dollars!

Welcome to my Remodeling Project, planned and prepared by me! I have had so much fun mapping out the details for each of my rooms upgrades. Over the years I have learned many tips and tricks on how to save major bucks for these fun projects. You could definitely break the bank if you don’t budget and plan wisely.  If you have been on the fence about changing up your home, I’m here to show you it can be done and it doesn’t have to be super expensive. This will be somewhat of a series since some of these rooms have yet to be completed.

Master Bathroom

Average bathroom remodeling costs

remodeling - capture


How much I spent: 

This Master bathroom is still in the process of remodeling.

Sinks and plumbing were purchased on Amazon at about 40% less than the prices I saw at the stores. This beautiful white marble counter was at Lowes for $2300 dollars. For $1000 at a local marble yard I got it installed and drilled for sinks!

This beautiful rustic tile was about $3500 dollars and to install about $4200 dollars. I used all local workers -not a company-and did all the planning and scheduling myself. This saved me about $4000. All 3 toilets from Lowes cost about $700 dollars altogether (around $215 each).

Floor and Decor in Tempe is where I purchased all of my tile for every room.

These bathroom cabinets still need to be finished and and the shower glass as well. Stay tuned for my next blog in a couple weeks to see this masterpiece get finished!


remodel - sink

remodel - counter


remodel - master

remodel - master
remodel - masterGuest Bathroom

I fell in love with this tile and couldn’t wait to install it for my Guest Bathroom.

The tile was about $1600 dollars and took about 4 days to install. Labor was $750 dollars.

remodel - bathroom
remodel - bathroomKitchen

How much average tile back splash costs: Just the tile itself costs on average about $950.

remodel - tile


How much I spent: This tile back splash cost me $450 and only took about 3 days. Labor was an additional $650.

remodel - kitchen

remodel - kitchen


Stay tuned in the next couple weeks I’ll be writing up another blog featuring additional changes I have made!