Make Your House a Spooky Stop This Halloween

Want the spookiest and most festive home this Halloween? Follow these five steps to make your house an amazing stop for trick-or-treaters!

Understand your audience – Think about the age of children you are expecting to trick-or-treat at your home and gauge your level of scariness. You may want to tone it down if most children are young, but if you have a neighborhood full of older kids, the spookier the better!

Choose a theme – When decorating, choose a theme and stick to it for the biggest impact! Maybe you want your home to look like a haunted house or you could create a scary science lab. Whatever you choose, Halloween is one of the best holidays to be resourceful with decorations! Click here for some great Halloween decorating ideas.

Dress the part – When you greet children at the door, you want to make sure that you are dressed to match your theme. Whether you are dressed as a butler, mad scientist or vampire, it will tie the decorations together and give your home the full Halloween effect.

Stay safe – You may have the scariest yard in the neighborhood, but it is still important to keep it safe. Be certain that stairs and walkways are well lit and that there are no obstructions that could be tripped over.

Treats for everyone – We know that the biggest things children look forward to on Halloween are the treats! Make sure you have treats for everyone. You may consider being a part of The Teal Pumpkin Project and offer non-candy alternatives for those with food allergies.

We hope that you enjoy the holidays with your neighbors! If trick-or-treating at different homes has you wishing that your home were bigger or if you need more space, I would be happy to help answer questions you may have about a new home loan.