Time to put your dollars to work for you?

Are you still Renting? Why not put your rent dollars to work for you and not the landlord? … [Read more...]

FSBO or Professional Real Estate Agent?

The possibility of “saving” on realtor commission might sound appealing to those interested in selling their home, but a real estate agent has the background and experience to make the sale of your home more successful. There is a huge amount of time, marketing and effort that goes into selling a home. Plus, it is important to have a professional guide you through the sale of your most important financial asset that can protect you from the unknown. When considering selling your home … [Read more...]

Make Your House a Spooky Stop This Halloween

Want the spookiest and most festive home this Halloween? Follow these five steps to make your house an amazing stop for trick-or-treaters! Understand your audience – Think about the age of children you are expecting to trick-or-treat at your home and gauge your level of scariness. You may want to tone it down if most children are young, but if you have a neighborhood full of older kids, the spookier the better! Choose a theme – When decorating, choose a theme and stick to it for the … [Read more...]

Make Searching for Homes More Effective

The Doug Morgan Team, Out In Arizona Real Estate and  Fairway Independent Mortgage Corporation, we want you to have the best tools available when you search for the home of your dreams. When you download the Home Scouting® app, you will discover many exciting features that will allow you to compare homes in your area. When you begin searching for homes, there is an “Options” button on the top right of the map view that can make your search much more effective. In this menu, you can show … [Read more...]

How Are Property Taxes Calculated?

If you own a home, you are required to pay property taxes. A property tax is a levy on a property, requiring payment by the owner of the property. The tax is generally based on the value of the property and is usually assessed by local or municipal governments. Property taxes are most often used to pay for local school costs as well as other costs of operating a community, such as police and fire service. Most property taxes are imposed on ‘real property,’ which is the land itself, and … [Read more...]

Financial Benefits Of Home Ownership

When considering purchasing a home, there are many financial questions that you need to ask yourself. Buying a home is a major financial commitment, and while there are pros and cons to homeownership, there are many positive financial benefits to owning your own home. Homeownership comes several tax benefits that you will be able to reap. The most valuable benefit is that tax codes allow homeowners to deduct the mortgage interest from their tax obligations. For most homeowners this is a huge … [Read more...]

I LOVE My New Cabinets- Only Took 2 Days!

I'm super excited to share with everyone my completed Kitchen! Below are some before and after pictures along with prices. Ultimately the project took about two and a half days. I saved about $3,000 having done it as the contractor myself and hiring the labor.   Before   After!     If you have any other questions about my bathroom or kitchen remodels, feel free to comment or send me a message about it! Thanks!   … [Read more...]

Remodeling My Home: How I Saved Thousands of Dollars!

Welcome to my Remodeling Project, planned and prepared by me! I have had so much fun mapping out the details for each of my rooms upgrades. Over the years I have learned many tips and tricks on how to save major bucks for these fun projects. You could definitely break the bank if you don't budget and plan wisely.  If you have been on the fence about changing up your home, I'm here to show you it can be done and it doesn't have to be super expensive. This will be somewhat of a series since some … [Read more...]

East Valley Homes Search Out In Arizona

Looking for a home in the east valley? Start here totally free home search at your finger tips. Get the most up to date data available. When you see something you like just give me a call for a personal tour of the homes you have interest in.  … [Read more...]

Easy steps to keeping a kitchen garden

Keeping a kitchen garden can benefit your pocketbook and your health. With some simple planning and a little bit of space in the yard you can have a garden that will keep you fed all year long. Start with seeds In more northerly zones, buy and start seeds in February or March. Warmer zones might start even earlier. Seeds offer great variety and they are much cheaper. You can get just what you want including heirloom veggies. An envelope of seeds can cost $5, but you get about 50 … [Read more...]